Ironclad vs DocuSign

The DocuSign Alternative You Don’t Have To Be a Developer To Use

Try Ironclad—the first ever no-code contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution that makes it easy for any team to design and deploy contracts from creation to completion.

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Give legal the power to design contracts anyone can launch and sign

DocuSign sets the bar for eSignature. But when it comes to contracts, DocuSign CLM makes it hard for business and legal teams to create and update contract workflows on their own. With DocuSign CLM:

  • Implementation takes months and adoption suffers
  • Teams need heavy training before they’re able to begin
  • Creating and updating workflows requires help from support

Ironclad vs DocuSign

Ironclad moves you from creation to negotiation to completion—faster

Real-time collaboration with internal and external stakeholders

Manage redlining and revisions in one place. See what your counterparty and teammates are working on. Keep track of every revision, comment, and edit.

"Collaboration and transparency between legal, sales, and customer support when we're trying to quickly get an amendment, contract, or any legal document out the door. It has improved SLAs and speed of response and completion time by at least 25%."

Nick Avagliano

Senior Customer Revenue Manager


A complete editing experience, everywhere you go

Ironclad gives you native DOCX editing capabilities in your browser. Keep your documents accessible and collaborate with colleagues, without siloing users within Microsoft Word.

"With Ironclad, you don’t have to review the same contract multiple times with different people. Ironclad facilitates the signatures, the review process, the redlining , and negotiating — it really is seamless."

Elyssa Dunleavy

Assistant Vice President, Advertising Counsel

L’Oréal USA

Extract accurate insights from your contracts with Ironclad AI

It takes time, money, and tons of your own data to train DocuSign’s AI.

Ironclad AI provides a fast and accurate way to extract data from contracts, which works out of the box on all types of documents.

"Our legal team is first-rate, but at times it could be frustrating, waiting for the proverbial T’s to be crossed and I’s to be dotted. With Ironclad, my team can basically self-service contracts now."

David Gardner

Regional Sales Director


Integrate with any app you want, using Ironclad’s API

Connect your contract data and contracting processes to the tools you’re already using. Use the API to bulk export data and sync with 3rd party systems to speed up adoption.

"With Ironclad, all our templates are streamlined and integrated with Salesforce which removes the double entry and manual work."

Ummu Fallon

Legal Operations Manager


Ironclad vs DocuSign

DocuSign is the eSignature giant, but you need a complete CLM

DocuSign started at the end of the process—signing—and worked backwards to include contract creation and management.

They’ve built the same paper process from years ago into their product, causing friction for businesses that need agility more than ever.


Ironclad rethinks how digital contracts connect people, processes and data to execute smarter agreements, faster.

With a no-code Workflow Designer at the heart of it, Ironclad is the self-serve way to scale your contracts, way beyond signatures.

Ironclad vs DocuSign

Ironclad makes contracts self-service


Workflow Builder

Requires support/consultant help to set up and update

Create workflows without being a legal engineer


Service-led with added fees

Self-start or choose the package that fits you best

Free trial

Not available

14-day free trial
No credit card required

Open API

Available for their eSign product, not for their CLM

Connect your contracts to the tools your company uses

Join Mary O’ Carroll, Alex Su, and other industry leaders defining the new world of digital contracting.

Ironclad Community

Join the world’s leading digital contracting community

Join Mary O’ Carroll, Alex Su, and other industry leaders defining the new world of digital contracting.

Get the answers and ideas you need to advance your role. Connect with peers, attend events, and voice your ideas with the Ironclad Community and Ironclad product team.

"My experience with the Ironclad community has been nothing short of warm and inviting. It is an amazing group that has found a way to connect a diverse legal industry through practical conversation and enjoyable dinners."

Lacy J. Lodes

Associate General Counsel

Mercari US

Ummu Fallon Headshot
Camunda logo

Ummu Fallon

Legal Operations Manager


I find this to be the most user friendly CLM in comparison to the other CLMs I’ve used. Our adoption rate is so high because it’s such an intuitive system.

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Ironclad vs DocuSign

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to start using Ironclad?

Implementation always depends on the complexity of your contracting process. However, most of our clients manage to implement and adopt Ironclad, on their own, in a matter of days.

While other DocuSign alternatives require extensive training and expensive help from consultants, Ironclad users can set up contract workflows, automate approvals, review documents, streamline collaboration, get signatures and store contracts for reporting, on their own.

If you need extra help, you can get in touch with support or your account manager to clear your questions and provide feedback.

Is Ironclad a secure platform to store my contracts?

Absolutely. It’s critical for Ironclad to keep your documents secure while they’re being created, edited, stored, and processed.

Enhance document security with encryption and cloud-based deployment. Encryption of all data in transit (using TLS 1.2 or higher) and at rest (through AES-256). Cloud-based deployment. Ironclad uses the US-hosted Google Cloud Platform for production servers and operates in multiple zones to create robustness against outages.

Is Ironclad only for legal teams?

Ironclad was built by legal, for everyone. Ironclad is a unified platform for contract management, meaning sales, procurement, operations, marketing and other departments also have the ability to create, review, collaborate and store contracts in one place. Unlike some other DocuSign alternatives, business users find Ironclad simple to use and adopt across teams.


Does Ironclad integrate with Salesforce?

Yes. Ironclad does support a Salesforce integration, which is AppExchange approved. With this integration, sales users have the ability to automate contract creation and launch a legal-approved contract in seconds.

Can Ironclad be customized for my company?

Yes, all businesses can use Ironclad. As opposed to other DocuSign alternatives that rely too much on templates, Ironclad uses a no-code Workflow Designer that allows any type of customization and approval workflow, no matter the complexity. Ironclad uses conditional logic to create and manage infinite contract variations at scale, allowing your teams to replicate any legal process.