Ironclad vs Evisort

The Evisort Alternative That Powers All Stages of the Contract Lifecycle

Evisort uses AI to scan and analyze existing contracts, neglecting drafting and approval. Ironclad AI helps legal teams create, negotiate, approve, accept, store, and analyze contracts.

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Evisort’s AI improves one part of contracting

Being good at scanning and analyzing contracts with AI doesn’t help when it comes to drafting, negotiating, approving, and reporting. With Evisort:

  • Features for the whole contract lifecycle are missing or lagging.
  • The focus is on building AI, instead of making contracting easier.
  • Training their AI takes both time and huge volumes of data most companies don’t have.

Ironclad vs Evisort

Move your legacy contracts to Ironclad today

Import legacy contracts and third-party paper in minutes. AI scans and tags your documents, making the information you need instantly searchable in your repository.

And as you create contracts with Ironclad, our workflows capture data you can use to set up alerts, automations, and integrations that save time and drive intelligent decision making.

"With Ironclad's Smart Import, uploading legacy contracts is 40-50% faster and we get 2-3 times more contract data than before. It solves one of my biggest pain points."

Daniela Lagoteta

Legal and Compliance Analyst


Ironclad vs Evisort

Ironclad AI powers all stages of the contract lifecycle


Contract migration



Contract review

AI-Powered playbooks
AI-Powered editor

Contract collaboration

AI-Powered editor
AI-Powered workflow designer

Contract analysis

AI-Powered insights

Data hosting

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US and EU

Join Mary O’Carroll, Alex Su, and other industry leaders defining the new world of digital contracting.

Ironclad Community

Join the world’s leading digital contracting community

Join Mary O’Carroll, Alex Su, and other industry leaders defining the new world of digital contracting.

Get the answers and ideas you need to advance your role. Connect with peers, attend events, and voice your ideas with the Ironclad Community and Ironclad product team.

"My experience with the Ironclad community has been nothing short of warm and inviting. It is an amazing group that has found a way to connect a diverse legal industry through practical conversation and enjoyable dinners."

Lacy J. Lodes

Associate General Counsel

Mercari US

headshot of chris wallace
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Chris Wallace

Legal Counsel


Ironclad is helping scale our legal team. We can now provide more insight into the contracting process to our other internal teams. We can easily manage document signing, storage, and reporting with Ironclad.

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Ironclad vs Evisort

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my business too small to use a CLM?

A CLM is a scalable solution for companies of all sizes managing contracts at any stage of their lifecycle — this involves providing support to legal, procurement, and sales teams. Unlike other alternatives, Ironclad allows teams to fully customize their contract workflows based on how complex their organization is.

Can less tech-savvy people learn how to use Ironclad?

Yes! Ironclad is a flexible, easy-to-use, cloud-based platform for contract lifecycle management. Organizations find it simple and intuitive to set up, customize, and automate. Also, customer support agents are always available to help you out during implementation.

Can Ironclad AI make a difference in how we work?

AI technology is definitely a strategic advantage when it comes to scanning, analyzing, and extracting value from large amounts of data and getting insights that help companies work more efficiently. While Evisort focuses their AI efforts on their repository features, Ironclad uses AI throughout the entire contract management process. This includes custom approval processes, e-signature and negotiation features, among others. Ironclad AI certainly reduces the amount of effort it takes legal and business teams to create, approve, sign and analyze contracts.


With Evisort, you need to train the AI using large amounts of your own data. This can take a long time before you see the benefits. Instead, Ironclad AI comes fully trained and it’s ready to use. Another reason why Ironclad is one of the best Evisort alternatives.

How long does Ironclad take to deploy?

The ability to deploy fast is a must for any contract management software. Ironclad takes only a few days to implement the solution and get up to speed with. Ironclad is designed as a self-help solution that’s easy to set up and customize. Legal engineers will be there to help you during implementation but you won’t need to invest too much time on training.

Is there a free trial for Ironclad?

Yes, you can request a 14-day free trial. Get in touch and see for yourself if Ironclad is the best solution for your company.