The PandaDoc alternative loved by sales and legal

Automate and Collaborate on All of Your Contracts, Not Just Sales Proposals

PandaDoc focuses on sales teams and proposals, leaving other types of contracts uncovered. Use Ironclad to automate and speed up all contracts, from creation to completion.

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PandaDoc was made for sales teams to send proposals

And they’re great at that! But if you’re using PandaDoc outside sales proposals and electronic signature, you’ll struggle with:

  • Manually updating templates that still require legal approval, creating bottlenecks.
  • Collaborating and negotiating on documents with different teams and counterparties.
  • Getting insights into your contract data and identifying which ones are at risk.

PandaDoc vs Ironclad

Use Ironclad to move all contracts from creation to completion — faster

Create contract processes that match how you work

Get a head start with pre-built contract workflows based on industry best practices. Customize fields, approvers and conditional clauses as needed. Ensure contracts stick to your policies, without the need for manual review.

"Ironclad gives me the control to create workflows that make sense for the needs of the business when I need them, while also empowering the business groups I work with to take an active role in managing contracts to completion."

Shane Riehl

Contracts Negotiator


Speed up sales cycles with integrations and Ironclad API

Integrate with HubSpot, Gong, and Tableau. Get your sales teams launching contracts from Salesforce. Connect Ironclad to 5,000+ applications using Zapier.

"With Ironclad, all our templates are streamlined and integrated with Salesforce which removes the double entry and manual work."

Ummu Fallon

Legal Operations Manager


Redline and edit contracts from your browser

Collaborate with teams and counterparties online, with full DOCX editing capabilities. Upload clients’ Microsoft Word docs and edit in your browser without adding more steps to how you work.

"With Ironclad, you don’t have to review the same contract multiple times with different people. Ironclad facilitates the signatures, the review process, the redlining , and negotiating — it really is seamless."

Elyssa Dunleavy

Assistant Vice President

L’Oréal USA

Approve documents faster without the legal bottlenecks

Add review milestones and approvers based on specific legal requirements. Free sales to move faster by launching legal-approved documents from the start.

"Our goal is to keep legal out of 95% of contracts, and Ironclad AI-driven workflows, permission controls, and analytics help us get there"

Catherine Choe

Director, Legal Operations & Strategy


Speed up contract reviews up to 60% with AI

Ironclad’s AI extracts contract data automatically and jumps to the parts you care about, instead of reviewing everything line-by-line. Highlight risk areas and see suggestions to replace non-standard clauses.

"If we didn’t have Ironclad, could we extend a day to have 48 hours instead of 24 hours? Because that might be what we’d need. It would’ve been difficult without tools like Ironclad."

Anushree Bagrodia

Senior Managing Counsel & Legal Transformation Lead


Get contracts signed with a click

Use Ironclad Clickwrap, to gather one-click acceptance from any device. Manage high-volume contracts like T&Cs without effort.

"Ironclad's Clickwrap enabled us to intake and organize a large volume of contracts. Without Ironclad, we would have spent considerable time and resources to attempt to build a solution of our own."

Stephen Chu

Chief Legal and People Officer


Move your legacy contracts to Ironclad today

Import legacy contracts and third-party paper in minutes. AI scans and tags your documents, making the information you need instantly searchable in your repository.

Build a source of data that answers your contract questions in seconds, without any manual effort.

"This has been a game changer for us. For the first time, we have visibility across all our contracts, past and present, with minimal investment."

Sarah McGonigle

Associate General Counsel


PandaDoc vs Ironclad feature comparison

Ironclad handles the full contract lifecycle, for sales proposals and beyond



Sales-focused eSig tool with limited CLM features

Create, send, track, and eSign proposals

End-to-end AI Powered CLM

Create, redline, approve, sign, store, and analyze contracts

Use Case

For sales contracts

Create documents and sign proposals

For all types of contracts

Optimize all contracts from creation to completion

Contract Types

Company paper only

Handles all contracts from company and third-party paper

Contract Upload

Bulk import without analysis

AI OCR scans contracts and makes them searchable

Approval Workflows

Limited workflow automation. Only for Business and Enterprise pricing plans.

Create custom workflows, no coding knowledge necessary. Included in all plans.

Public workflows


File Type Support

DOCX compatible

DOCX & PDF compatible


Powers All Stages

Search, track, and extract data from documents automatically


Only show prospects’ engagement with your docs

10+ legal dashboards

See contract data and resolve bottlenecks

Acceptance methods

eSignature only

eSignature & Clickwrap

For high-volume, non-negotiated agreements


Document storage

Manually search through docs

AI-powered dynamic repository

Get insights and alerts for at-risk agreements


14-day free trial

14-day free trial & optional set up with legal engineers

Data hosting

US Only

US and EU

Join Mary O’ Carroll, Alex Su, and other industry leaders defining the new world of digital contracting.

Ironclad Community

Join the world’s leading digital contracting community

Join Mary O’ Carroll, Alex Su, and other industry leaders defining the new world of digital contracting.

Get the answers and ideas you need to advance your role. Connect with peers, attend events, and voice your ideas with the Ironclad Community and Ironclad product team.

"My experience with the Ironclad community has been nothing short of warm and inviting. It is an amazing group that has found a way to connect a diverse legal industry through practical conversation and enjoyable dinners."

Lacy J. Lodes

Associate General Counsel

Mercari US


Heather Quinn

Contracts Administrator


Ironclad is so much easier and more efficient to use. Sales and Procurement are now a lot happier with Legal’s turnaround time and the visibility into their contracts.

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PandaDoc vs Ironclad

Frequently Asked Questions

What implementation support does Ironclad offer?

Implementation always depends on the complexity of your legal operation. You have the option to fully migrate your contracts onto Ironclad, with help from our Legal Engineers.

Learn more about our implementation services.

Is Ironclad easy to learn for new users?

It’s easy to get started with Ironclad, for both legal and business users. Most of our clients manage to adopt Ironclad on their own in a matter of days.

Legal can set up powerful workflows that match your business processes, using Ironclad’s drag-and-drop workflow designer. Your sales team and other business users can launch new documents in minutes from these legal-approved workflows.

If you have questions at any point, you can also get in touch with our support team or get help from the Ironclad Academy or community.

Can my sales team work with Ironclad on their own?

Yes! Ironclad was built by legal pros but it’s for everyone. Whether you work in legal, sales, marketing, or any other department. Anyone can create, review, and collaborate on contracts with ease. Your sales reps can even launch contracts from within Salesforce without having to open Ironclad.

Does Ironclad come with templates?

Templates come with limited logic and you have to edit them manually. This is hard to scale because you end up doing all the edits one-by-one. With Ironclad, you can create infinite contract variations using a visual workflow designer. Legal sets up the conditions (e.g. “if country is X, remove Y clause”) and instead of using templates, Ironclad builds the right contract for you, automatically. This method is much more time-efficient and easier to scale than templates.

Is Ironclad a secure platform to store my contracts?

Absolutely. Security is critical for Ironclad while your documents are being created, edited, stored, and processed.

Enhance document security with encryption and cloud-based deployment. Encryption of all data in transit (using TLS 1.2 or higher) and at rest (through AES-256). Cloud-based deployment. Ironclad uses the US-hosted Google Cloud Platform for production servers and operates in multiple zones to create robustness against outages.

Is there a free trial for Ironclad?

Yes, you can request a 14-day free trial. Get in touch and see for yourself if Ironclad is the best solution for your company.