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[Live Demo] Ironclad for Sales: Learn how to close better deals faster playback

Watch the recording to see how integrating your CLM with Salesforce can make collaboration between sales and legal on complex deal cycles easy.

Our most recent webinar featured a live demo of Ironclad and showcased how its best-in-class Salesforce integration works. The webinar, led by Senior Solutions Engineer Negin Rostasalehi and Account Executive Dan Teller, covered how the integration optimizes collaboration, simplifies contract processes, and boosts efficiency in legal and sales operations. Below are some key ways the Salesforce integration can improve your organization’s sales contracting workflows.  

Drive transformative efficiency in legal and contracting processes. Choosing Ironclad as the single source of truth leads to notable efficiency gains, including a 60% increase in operational efficiency for legal teams, a 65% boost in contracting efficiency for business users, reduced cycle times, and significant reductions in redlining.

Accelerate contract creation. The tool’s ability to auto-populate forms with data from Salesforce significantly speeds up the contract creation process, reducing cycle times and increasing efficiency.

Enhance collaboration and transparency. The contract owner exclusively manages approvals, maximizing self-service functionality and fostering transparency and comprehensive communication tracking within Ironclad.

Increase adoption by “ meet[ing] users where they already are.” Ironclad integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, making it easier for sales reps to self-serve and manage complex contracts in the system they already know and love, all while improving collaboration with their legal team.