Powering Product-Led Growth with Ironclad Clickwrap

In this economic downturn, companies are leaning into product-led growth more than ever. Hear leaders from hyper-growth companies like Rubrik and Equinix discuss how to position yourself as a strategic stakeholder within the business and extend your CLM for web-based contracts and free trials.

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Sales teams are really put customer adoption at the front door. Remove barriers so your leads can try and buy your product faster.

Zachary Smith, Head of Edge Infrastructure

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Key takeaways

Here are some learnings from the conversation:

  • Product-led growth puts the customer in control and lets sales teams focus on the highest value work. With limited resources and an expensive sales team, putting customer adoption at the front door allows an organization to sell customers a product that they will adopt.
  • Proof of concept agreements in Ironclad Clickwrap can help legal teams keep pace with growth. For every free trial, there is a set of terms that must be sufficient, compliant, and trackable. By separating out proof of concept agreements into two-page contracts (30-, 60-, 90- days) from more lengthy enterprise service agreements (ESAs), Ironclad Clickwrap helped Rubrik manage its volume of inbound requests while reducing time-to-value for the prospective customer.
  • Instead of offering a free trial, consider offering a free credit. Equinix wants a prospect to know upfront that if they use the product, they will pay for it but will have a credit to apply. To encourage adoption, they have prospective customers sign up and click through agreement processes that are extremely low friction and fair. This allows the business to protect itself and enforce a commercial agreement since it includes billing terms.
  • Ironclad Clickwrap creates efficiency and automation in the sales cycle. Rubrik has up to 95% acceptance rates on trial agreements, which speeds up the sales cycle for the majority of those customers. At the same time, the business can rest assured that the sales team has billing terms in place to get paid, the engineering team won’t have to worry about its IP being stolen, and the legal team can demonstrate compliance with everything involved in the contract.


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Scaling Product-Led Growth With Clickwrap

Many SaaS companies have implemented product-led growth strategies successfully. Discover why using clickwrap for online agreements is vital in a product-led business strategy.
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