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What's New Q4 2023

Stay up to date on Ironclad’s latest and greatest features!

As the leading CLM platform, we are committed to bringing the latest AI contract management tech to streamline your organization’s contract management processes. Join us for deep dive demos to learn how to train Ironclad AI on custom clauses, integrate with OneTrust, and build conditional playbooks based on predefined triggers and conditions.


What We Covered

This quarter’s webinar dove in to the best of Ironclad’s winter releases, including:
  • Custom AI Clauses: train Ironclad AI to flag clauses that are specific to their industry, business, or use case, as well as adapt the quality and accuracy of AI results over time
  • OneTrust Integration: pull details on existing vendors from OneTrust and into Ironclad and use that data to create a new contract in Ironclad
  • Conditional Playbooks: define triggers and conditions for a clause to be available in their Playbooks so that end users will only be able to use a Playbook based on admin rules
  • Ironclad Signature: see important approval context, view key terms from contract metadata, and store completed contracts securely in Ironclad repository with our native eSignature integrated into Ironclad CLM
  • A number of Ironclad Workflow usability updates

Thanks for joining us for the What’s New webinar! If you’d like to learn more about how these new features can work for your business, get a custom demo, and don’t forget to save your spot for next quarter’s What’s New webinar.

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